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Post-traumatic Growth.

Wherever we live, trauma (big and small) finds us. Because we are complex, multi-systemic organisms, trauma violates us physically, psychologically, socially, and spiritually. Thus, we believe that cultivating a resilient bio-psycho-social and spiritual core in the context of safe communities, is necessary for Post-Traumatic Growth and lasting Inner Peace.

Cultivating resilience and persistence is a daily practice, requiring time, intentional effort, and patience. This practice becomes cellular and transforms the entire organism.

We believe that Post-traumatic Growth and Inner Peace is powerful living.

If you want this transformation for yourself, your family & community; and to affect positive change around the world, contact us!

Projects by region.



• All projects are led by Cambodian Refugees who reside in Hawaii.
• Annual “Christmas in Cambodia” humanitarian mission.
• Yearlong self-empowering projects (sustainable micro-economics, education, community water-wells, etc.).



• Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), countrywide.
• Mental Health Teams, Mount Elgon, Sebei.
• Psycho-Social Center, Mount Elgon, Sebei.
• HIV/AIDS prevention education, Kampala.
• Provide hygiene products to reduce exploitation of girls who live in slums of Kampala.



Mental health services for:
• Genocide survivor communities.
• AIDS/HIV survivors, widows.
• Orphan Head-of-Households.



• South Sudanese refugees.
• Traumatized communities, countrywide.
• At-risk mothers and children.



Build homes for the homeless, Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.

"Help others empower themselves."

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