Caluya Foundation Board

Fran Acoba, Psy.D., M.Div.

Fran Acoba is a licensed psychologist in Idaho. She works at Pearl Health Clinic in trauma, conflict in family & other systems, eating disorders, and grief & loss. She was trained at the Hawaii School of Professional Psychology, and completed her pre-doctoral internship at the Sioux Falls Veterans Affairs Health Care System.

Dr. Acoba served as a minister/chaplain for 14 years in inner-city Chicago, its suburbs, & Hawaii.

She has worked with refugees since 1998, and advocates for the human rights of all individuals. She co-founded the Khemaras Cambodian Center in Honolulu. And since 2000, the Hawaii Cambodian refugee community has led an annual humanitarian mission to rural Cambodia, and yearlong efforts to support the poor.

She was a college instructor for 16 years, where she emphasized student community ownership, self-empowerment, and global awareness through local & international service projects.

Dr. Acoba is committed to global mental health and post-traumatic growth through safe & resilient communities. It is her practice to partner with local professionals and para-professionals around the world, to support culturally-appropriate assessment, intervention, and holistic empowerment.

Shanta Danaraj. M.S., ABD

Shanta is a sociologist, administrator, and humanitarian.

She worked in the university setting, teaching, conducting research and publishing.

Then she worked as direct-missions administrator of her church, supporting international, national, and local efforts. These include supporting funding to develop and maintain a Cambodian refugee-led humanitarian mission; provide meals for the homeless in Hawaii; and build homes in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.

She has recently retired as the director of University Avenue Baptist Preschool in Honolulu.

In 2016, Shanta traveled to South Africa, Rwanda, and Uganda to develop relationships with local communities to help eradicate female genital mutilation among the Sabiny, and support efforts to stop gender-based violence.

Karen McDowell, J.D.

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DuRhonda Palmore, B.A.

DuRhonda is a community builder. She worked as the worship and music coordinator for Rock Church from 1984 (church plant in west side Chicago) until 2000. During this time period, she also participated in the joint community building efforts of Circle Urban Ministry and Rock Church.

Today, DuRhonda continues to support community transformation, social justice, racial reconciliation, and the development of resilient families.

She and her husband are raising their 3 beautiful and talented daughters. DuRhonda runs a business in genealogy ("Find Yo People"), gift baskets & cards, theater, and teaching piano.

Dan Tom, M.A.

Dan is the program coordinator for the Center for Language & Technology at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

He has a bachelor’s degree in history from Dartmouth College; an MA in Chinese history from the Univ. of Washington, and an MA in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language from the Univ. of Hawaii.

Dan has instructed at Morrison Academy, and at Tunghai University in Taiwan. He also taught Mandarin at the University of Hawaii, and Hawaii Loa College (now Hawaii Pacific University).

At his church, he has served as a deacon, Sunday School teacher, praise team singer and a missions council member. He has participated in various missions’ programs including serving meals to the homeless, building houses in Ciudad Juarez and going on numerous mission trips to Cambodia since 2000.

Dan has served as a board member for 15 years with the Sounds of Aloha Chorus, a men’s a Cappella chorus (barbershop quartet style) to bring joy through music.

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