Want to volunteer?

How can I be involved?

1. I am a healthcare provider and wish to collaborate (currently through Zoom) with local organizations, professionals and para-professionals on trauma recovery in low- and middle-income countries (e.g., Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, and Cambodia).
2. I want to support individuals and communities heal from female genital mutilation.
3. I wish to facilitate awareness about gender-based violence throughout the world. I can sponsor a community awareness presentation.
4. I want to help the work in low- or middle-income countries by being involved in a project in Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, or Cambodia.

Note: Caluya has projects that your community can complete in your town/city that will change lives around the world.
5. I would like to support current projects financially (see donate page).


kparks@caluyafoundation.org or aohman@caluyafoundation.org

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