Want to be part of our volunteers?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can I be involved?

Email facoba@pearlhealth.org or leave a message on +1 808.779.0951, if:
1.-You are a mental health provider and would like to collaborate with local organizations, professionals and para-professionals on trauma recovery in low- and middle-income countries (e.g., Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Cambodia. Mexico).
2.- You, your family, class, church, NGO, wish to serve in a different country to support healing from female genital mutilation in Uganda & other parts of Africa.
3.- You want to facilitate awareness about gender-based violence throughout the world. You can sponsor a community awareness presentation.
4.- You want your community to work with communities in low- or middle-income countries by "adopting" a community in Africa, Cambodia, or Mexico. We have projects your community can do in your town/city that will change lives around the world.
5.- You wish to support current projects financially.

What other current projects do you have?

See our projects page. We are committed to global mental health and are developing relationships with local professionals & para-professionals who are affecting positive change in their communities.

We are exhausted healthcare workers. We need to do daily self-care.

We can help! We have different modalities to develop a tailored, sustainable self-care regimen for you. Self-care is an ethical requirement to ensure quality healthcare services to clients/patients.

I need to know how to deal with mental health problems.

We can provide workshops to help communities understand mental health, and increase personal and community resilience. Contact us us today!.

Contact Us:

+1 808.779.0951 or (208) 346.7500